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    Goyen's "FS" Series Dust Collector Valves are revolutionary in design with flanged inlet and slide outlet. The blowtube slides into the valve outlet and is restrained at the end remote from the valve. This feature, combined with a valve outlet long enough to protrude into the baghouse, represents a great opportunity to reduce costs while facilitating easier filter servicing.

    Construction : Both the 25FS and 45FS models are available in pressure diecast aluminum or stainless steel bodies and covers. General purpose diaphragms are made of Buna-N reinforced with nylon mesh. For high temperature applications, Viton kits are available (see below).

    Please note: The CA/RCA20FS and CA/RCA25FS valves are no longer available and have been replaced by the Series 4 RCAC20FS and RCAC25FS valves. The repair kits for the older valves are still readily available. See the Series 4 Valve Page for information and pricing on the new 3/4" and 1" valves.

    Pipe/Orfice Size CV KV Valve Model Diaphragm
    Valve Price (Each) Diaphragm Repair Kits
    Inches MM Kit P/N Price(Each)
    REMOTE PILOTED VALVES (RCA) (Use 3D2T Pilot Solenoid)
    1 25 32 28.4 RCAC25FS000 BUNA N/A - See Series 4 K2501 $45.25
    RCAC25FS001 VITON N/A - See Series 4 K2503 $154.25
    1-1/2 40 65 55.6 RCA45FS000 BUNA $128.96 K4502 $66.54
    RCA45FS001 VITON $349.03 K4503 $224.30
    Note: (Price does not include solenoid coil kit - see below)
    1 25 32 28.4 CAC25FS000 BUNA N/A - See Series 4 K2501 $45.25
    CAC25FS001 VITON N/A - See Series 4 K2503 $154.25
    1-1/2 40 65 55.6 CA45FS000 BUNA $170.37 K4502 $66.54
    CA45FS001 VITON $298.44 K4503 $224.30
    CA Coil Kit, QD Style (1/2" Conduit)(NEMA 1) $32.24 Add to valve price above for
    complete valve assembly
    CA Coil Kit, QR Style (DIN) (IP65)(NEMA 4) $41.47
    Notes: All prices are F.O.B. the shipping point. Most but not all items are stocked. Prices shown are for small quantities. Please call or email for a quote on larger quantities or availability. Prices above are for aluminum body valves. Please call for stainless body valves.
    Quarry King

    The RCA3D2T Pilot Solenoid Valves are used to operate the full range of Goyen's dust collector valves. These valves can be mounted separately or grouped in a multi-valve enclosure. Pictured, right, are the optional coils used with the pilot solenoids. Above is the model QT type coil.

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    Model QD: Coil and junction box enclosure provides 6 UNC screw terminals and 8 UNC earth terminals, with an M20 x 1.5 or 1/2" NPSC conduit entry. Protection class IP31, NEMA 1

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    Model QF: 450 mm (18") integral flying leads for direct connection to terminal strip, controller or junction box.

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    Model QR: Plug in coil and DIN socket with cable gland for external or internal installation. Weather, dust and hose proof. Protection class IP65, DIN 40050, NEMA 4

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