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  • Genuine Goyen Diaphragm Valve Repair Kits:

    We can supply Goyen Valve repair kits for any size or configuration Goyen valve. All kits are genuine Goyen spare parts and are new from the US warehouse. Diaphragm kits typically contain the replacement diaphragm(s) as well as the spring(s) and bleed O-ring seal. The most popular kits are shown below. If you don't see the kit you need, please call us.

    Repair Kits

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    All Goyen Diaphragm Valves (pdf)

    Diaphragm Repair Kits Valves that use this Repair Kit
    Kit P/N Old P/N Price Each Material/Type
    K2000 M1204B $31.50 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA20
    K2003 M1174B $31.50 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA20M
    K2004 M1328B $114.21 VITON CA/RCA20M
    K2007 M2082B $114.21 VITON CA/RCA20
    K2016 $22.03 BUNA / NYLON RCAC20 (MILLENIUM)
    K2017 $108.86 VITON RCAC20 (MILLENIUM)
    K2033 $153.24 VITON RCAC20 (Series4)
    K2034 $22.16 SHOCKWAVE RCAC20 (Series 4)
    K2500 M1183 $45.25 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA32
    K2501 M1183B $45.25 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA25
    K2503 M1887 $154.25 VITON CA/RCA25, CA/RCA32
    K2529 $40.76 BUNA / NYLON RCAC25 (MILLENIUM)
    K2530 $163.96 VITON RCAC25 (MILLENIUM)
    K2546 $40.76 SHOCKWAVE RCAC25 (Series4)
    K2551 $108.51 VITON RCAC25 (Series4)
    K3500 M1581 $50.37 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA40T1, CA/RCA35T
    K3501 $195.29 VITON CA/RCA40T1, CA/RCA35T
    K4000 M1182 $66.53 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA40
    K4004 M1761 OBSOLETE VITON - SEE K3501 CA/RCA40T1, CA/RCA35T
    K4502 M2162 $66.54 BUNA / NYLON CA/RCA45
    K4503 M2163 $224.30 VITON CA/RCA25
    K4016 $66.53 BUNA / BUNA CA/RCA40MM
    K5002 M1528A $523.42 VITON (3 BLEED) CA/RCA50, CA/RCA62T
    K5004 M1638A $194.90 BUNA / BUNA (1 BLEED) CA/RCA50, CA/RCA62T
    K5005 M1639A $194.90 BUNA / BUNA (3 BLEED) CA/RCA50, CA/RCA62T
    K7600 M1174B $253.90 BUNA / BUNA CA/RCA76
    Dresser Seal Kits(2 Dresser Seals in Kit)
    K2008 M1756 $20.51 NITRILE CA/RCA20DD (3/4" PIPE)
    K2009 M1770 $61.07 VITON CA/RCA20DD (3/4" PIPE)
    K2507 M1771 $41.74 VITON CA/RCA25DD (1" PIPE)
    K2508 M1489 $21.32 NITRILE CA/RCA25DD (1" PIPE)
    K4510 M1803 $26.43 NITRILE CA/RCA40DD, CA/RCA45DD(1-1/2" PIPE)
    K4511 M1804 $88.50 VITON CA/RCA40DD, CA/RCA45DD(1-1/2" PIPE)
    Notes: All prices are F.O.B. the shipping point. Most, but not all, items are stocked. Prices shown are for 1 - 3 items. There is a 5% discount for a quantity of 4 - 10 kits. Please call or email for a quote on larger quantities or to check on availability

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