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    Goyen's "MM" Series Dust Collector Valves were developed specifically to meet a growing need for a diaphragm valve that integrates directly into the header tank. This offers the advantages of improved valve flow characteristics, ease of on-site installation, elminiation of some fittings and scope to offer customised products. "MM" valves offer improved flow characteristics through the valve outlet into the blowtube because the vavle is integral to the header-manifold-tank. These valves are designed to fit square or round header tanks fitted with adaptors.

    Constuction : Body, cover, seal retainer and cmopression coupling connectors are pressure diecast aluminum. The pipe connecting the top and bottom sections is schedule 40 steel of commercial quality. Seals and o-rings are nitrile rubber for temperatures between -40 and 82 degrees C. For higher temperatures, Viton seals and o-rings are available. The ferrule and plunger for the CA versions are stainless steel.

    Round Header Size Pipe/Orfice Size Value Model CV KV Diaphragm Repair Kits
    Inches Inches MM Buna Nitrile Price Each Viton Price Each
    4,6,8 1 25 CA25MMD / RCA25MMD 30 25.8 K2501 $45.25 K2503 $154.25
    4,6,8 1 25 CA25MMP / RCA25MMP 30 25.8
    6,8,10 1-1/2 38 CA40MMD / RCA40MMD 51 43.8 K4000 $66.54 K4007 $224.90
    6,8,10 1-1/2 38 CA40MMP / RCA40MMP 51 43.8
    N/A 3 76 CA76MMS / RCA76MMS 233 200.4 K7600 * K7601 *
    * Prices available on request, please call our office at 315-252-7037 for availability. Prices subject to change.
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    The RCA3D2T Pilot Solenoid Valves are used to operate the full range of Goyen's dust collector valves. These valves can be mounted separately or grouped in a multi-valve enclosure. Pictured, right, are the optional coils used with the pilot solenoids. Above is the model QT type coil.

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    Model QD: Coil and junction box enclosure provides 6 UNC screw terminals and 8 UNC earth terminals, with an M20 x 1.5 or 1/2" NPSC conduit entry. Protection class IP31, NEMA 1

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    Model QF: 450 mm (18") integral flying leads for direct connection to terminal strip, controller or junction box.

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    Model QR: Plug in coil and DIN socket with cable gland for external or internal installation. Weather, dust and hose proof. Protection class IP65, DIN 40050, NEMA 4

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