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  • Series 4 Reverse Pulse Jet Valves

    Introducing the newest line of improved performance dust collector valves from Goyen Valve Corporation. These valves incorporate the proven performance and quality from Goyen with the following features:

    • Very fast open and close response times. Responds to signals as short as 50 ms.
    • New Shockwave molded diaphragm for standard applications requires no spring and carries a 1 million cycle guarantee. No more spring failures!
    • More efficient design offers opportunity to fit smaller valves with equal performance of larger valves into tight spots
    • Valves come in only the RCA (remote pilot version), but convert to integral pilot by just threading on the new RCA3DM pilot valve.
    • No modifications to replace existing valves of equal size with these valves
    • Diaphragms are marked with the replacement kit part number. No need to look up replacement parts for these valves

    The New Series 4 Valves are manufactured with the same connection dimensions as the traditional "T Series, FS Series and DD Series."

    Please contact us for additional information, quantity pricing, or to check avaliability


    For more information, please call, fax or email us and we will gladly send full details along with pricing and availability on these remarkable new valves

    Pipe/Orfice Size CV KV Valve Connections Valve Model Diaphragm Material Valve Price (Each) Diaphragm Repair Kits
    Inches MM Kit P/N Price(Each)
    REMOTE PILOTED VALVES (RCA Style) (Use 3D2T Pilot Solenoid)
    3/4 20 17 14 THREADED (NPT) RCAC20T4002 SHOCKWAVE $40.43 K2034 $22.16
    THREADED (NPT) RCAC20T4001 VITON $153.23 K2033 $153.24
    1 25 26 22.5 THREADED (NPT) RCAC25T4002 SHOCKWAVE $48.08 K2546 $40.76
    THREADED (NPT) RCAC25T4001 VITON $184.33 K2551 $108.51
    3/4 20 17 14 THREADED (NPT) RCAC20ST4002 SHOCKWAVE $40.28 K2034 $22.16
    THREADED (NPT) RCAC20ST4001 VITON $150.81 K2033 $153.24
    3/4 20 17 14 COMPRESSION RCAC20DD4002 SHOCKWAVE $56.57 K2034 $22.16
    COMPRESSION RCAC20DD4001 VITON $235.33 K2033 $153.24
    1 25 26 22.5 COMPRESSION RCAC25DD4002 SHOCKWAVE $66.38 K2546 $40.76
    COMPRESSION RCAC25DD4001 VITON $235.11 K2551 $108.51
    3/4 20 26 19 FLANGE X SLIDE RCAC20FS4002 SHOCKWAVE $48.86 K2034 $22.16
    FLANGE X SLIDE RCAC20FS4001 VITON $227.18 K2033 $153.24
    1 25 40 34 FLANGE X SLIDE RCAC25FS4002 SHOCKWAVE $54.79 K2546 $40.76
    FLANGE X SLIDE RCAC25FS4001 VITON $237.08 K2551 $108.51
    INTEGRATED SOLENOID VALVES (CA Style) - Purchase RCA3DM 1/8" pilot valve below that screws on to the top 1/8" connetion on the above valves to provide an equvalent to the old CA style valves.)
    RCA3DM-321 QD Style, 100/120 VAC (1/2" Conduit)(NEMA 1) $90.37 Other voltages available at
    similar prices. Please call or email.
    RCA3DM-301 QR Style, 100/120 VAC (DIN) (IP65)(NEMA 4)) $86.49
    * Please call at 315-252-7037 to inquire about pricing on these items; prices subject to change.

    Notes: All prices are F.O.B. the shipping point. Most but not all items are stocked. Prices shown are for small quantities.
    Please call or email for a quote on larger quantities or availability.

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