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  • Process Innovations, Inc.

    Equipment for the Process Industries

    Process Innovations Inc. is a maufacturers representative/distributor organization located in upstate New York. We represent leading manufacturers of process equipment and systems typically used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, dairy, pulp and paper, power and waste treatment industries.

    Our focus is to provide the best and most appropriate engeneered solution to a given problem, be it for solids processing and handling, slurry and viscous fluid pumping, loss-in-weight feeding, weight belts, converying, custom designed equipment solutions and more.

    Regular Repeated Customers: Eastman Kodak, Corning Incorporated, General Electric Power Systems, Sabic, DuPont, Cliffstar, American Rock Salt, SI Group, Nestle Purina Pet Care, Bonide Products, and hundreds more

    Goyen offers a wide range of solenoid, diaphragm, reverse pulse (dust collector) valves and pilot valve enclosures including models suitable for external and hazardous locations with approvals from NEMA, Cenelec, U.L., CSA, and SAA. We are a distributor of genunie Goyen Valve and Mecair valves, pilot valves, kits and repair parts.

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    NETZSCH Pumps are an excellent resource for pumping virtually anything. Ranging from food to municipal waste, we've had applications in just about every industry imaginable. Whether you are looking for a totally aseptic, clean in place pump or merely a heavy duty pump for high solids content wastes, we have a pump that is suitable for your application.

    Thayer Solids Flow Control Company Featuring:

  • Weigh Belts
  • Loss in Weight Feeders
  • Belt Scales and Insertion Weighers
  • Volumetric Feeders
  • Complete Controls Packages
  • Material Flow Aids
  • For all your powder, pellet, and granular product convey needs, Young Industries has the solution. With pneumatic, mechanical and our new Stinger technology, if you have a convey application, call us at 315-252-7037 or visit our request information page to request a complete catalog.

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    Custom Equipment

    We can supply custom equipment designed specifically for your needs.

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