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  • NM Series Pumps

    Netzsch's NM Series Progressing Cavity Pumps are widely used in chemical, food processing, mining and wastewater applications. Redesigned to improve efficiency and promote greater ease of operation and maintenance, these pumps will provide:

    close coup
    • high viscosity and solids content pumping
    • self priming
    • low, medium & high pressure capabilities
    • non-vapor & airlocking operation
    • low noise levels
    • flexibility in operation and mounting options
    • low shear rate
    • non-pulsating metered flow
    • volume practically unaffected by viscosity changes
    • flow proportional to pump's operating speed


    SY Series

    SY Series is used in chemical, industrial, municipal, pulp & paper and oil industry. This general purpose pedestal style pump is designed to handle materials that vary from waterlike consistencies to viscous pastes and slurries. Shear sensitive materials are also handled with ease in the SY Series Pump.

    BY Series
    BY Series is a moldular construction pump with close coupled drive to eliminate bearing housings. This modern design decreases the size and complexity of the pump resulting in a lower cost and easier installation.
    Mini Series

    Mini Metering Pumps are excellent for high and low viscosity metering with pulsation- free delivery. Features four interchangeable rotor/stator sizes for cost effective metering.

    SF Series
    SF Series has a patented feed screw design to handle high viscosity liquids. With an oversized open throat auger, this pump can accommodate dry, non flowing materials. Also available is the SP Series Pump which employs rotating bridge breaking paddles which eliminates product bridging in the auger.
    BO Series

    BO Series Pumps available in extended hopper lengths, provide efficient feed rates to the rotor and stator for exceptionally hard to pump products. Standard bearing housing design is available.

    BT Series Pumps offer a vertical solution to your pumping requirements. This close coupled design is available in immersion depths to meet your individual needs.

    BT Pump

    Process Innovations is proud to be the industrial sales representative/distributor for Netzsch Pumps in the Upstate New York area. If you are looking for additional information on Netzsch Pumps or want to find the local Netzsch rep in your area, please feel free to visit the Netzsch web site at: www.netzschusa.com.

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