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  • Introducing NEW Netzsch Rotary Lobe Pumps for industrial applications. These pumps are an alternative to a progressing cavity pump and require a smaller footprint for space saving features.

    Pictured below, these new pumps will provide operational reliability over a range of changing fluid temperatures varying from medium to high viscosity. The compact design is highly efficient in terms of energy usage and space requirements.

    Quarry King
    • Capacities to 3100 GPM
    • Pressures to 170 PSI
    • Four Rotary Lobe Designs
    • Intermittent Dry Run Capabilities
    • Positive Displacement Metered Flow
    • Low Life Cycle Costs
    • Isolated Area Between Pump Housing and Timing Gear Assembly Prevents Cross Contamination

    Call us at (315)252-7037 to learn more about the new Netzsch Tornado Rotary Lobe Pumps.

    Page Updated 8/9/2017