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  • NEMO Pumps for Waste Treatment Plants and Environmental Facilities

    NEMO Pumps and Netzsch Macerators are in use in all stages of wastewater treatment-from shredding of materials retained on the bar screen to delivery of dewatered sludge cake up to 40% dry solids with long pipe run.

    Numerous applications facilitate optimal and economical pump utilization. NEMO Pumps are available with capacities of .02 - 2,200 gpm and differential pressures to 1000 psi. Because capacity is proportional to the rotational speed, they are ideally suited for metering tasks and controlled feeding systems.

    • Highest efficiencies are possible due to 3 different standard rotor/stator geometries for optimal design
    • Netzsch offers the widest variety of universal joints on the market, assuring highest product quality and dependability
    • High operational reliability through Netzsch application know-how based on the more than 600,000 NEMO Pumps produced worldwide as well as a worldwide service network
    • Complete system solutions: monitoring devices, overpressure safety mechanisms, NEMO lubricant dosing system

    Because of their flexibility, NEMO Pumps are excellent for either mobile or stationary installations. Pictured, here, are NEMO Pumps being used in an emergency application. Because of their self priming capabilities, these pumps are great in the field.

    Quarry King

    Netzsch Pumps Can:

    • Pump raw wastewater with simultaneous shredding of solids and fibrous materials
    • Gently deliver secondary sludge from the biological purification stage
    • Pump recirculated digested sludge
    • Feed a variety of sludges to dewatering equipment such as Filter Presses and Centrifuges

    Page Updated 8/9/2017