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    Introducing Thayer Belt Scales. There are many models to select from and to learn more, click on the image, right, for the whole line up.


    Shown here is one of Thayer's Loss In Weight Feeders. For more information on this and other loss in weight feeders, click on the image, right, to be directed to a page dedicated to loss in weight feeding.

    Screw Feeder

    Shown, above, is one of Thayer's Volumetric Powder Feeder with a unique design to provide the reliability of twin screw feeders without the cost or complexity. The trough design defeats flooding by dissipating kinetic energy of material stream at initial fill. Feeder disassembles easily for total cleaning, eliminating contamination problems when changing materials. Again, click on the image for more information on Thayer's full line of volumetric feeders.


    Along with their volumetric feeders, weigh belts and loss in weight feeders, Thayer also offers a complete line of Weigh Belt Feeders as well.

    Process Innovations is proud to be the sales representative for Thayer Scale in the Upstate New York area. If you are looking for additional information on Thayer Scale equipment or want to find the local Thayer rep in your area, please feel free to visit Thayer's site at www.thayerscale.com.

    Page Updated 8/9/2017