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  • Multi Port Gravity Blenders

    Young's Multi-Port Gravity Blenders are used in processing plastics, foods, and in other industries to maintain product consistency, combine different ingredients and assure uniform distribution of additives. Gravity blenders are especially useful for mixing ingredients of varying bulk densities or weights and effectively eliminate product segregation.

    Tests indicate that Multi-Port will blend to within 5% statistical homogeneity on a single pass through. Reducing blending time by up to 60%, a gravity blender will be an economically valuable asset to your company.

    Featured in the photo here, the Multi-Port consists of a main blending vessel with conical bottom. Blending tubes extend from selected levels around the blending vessel and are connected to the blending chamber below. Materials then flow by gravity through the blending tubes to the chamber where they are either blended or recycled for batch purposes or are continually blended.

    Units are available in sizes from 15 to 5000 cubic feet and can be constructed in carbon steel, epoxy coatings, stainless steel or aluminum. Existing storage facilities can also be easily converted into Multi-Port Gravity Blenders.

    Features of Young's Multi Port Gravity Blenders

    • High Blending Efficiency
    • Low Blending Time
    • Blends All Dry Materials
    • Low Initial Cost
    • Low Maintenance Cost
    • Meets FDA Requirements
    • Gravity Flow-No Moving Parts
    • Batch or Continuous Processing
    • Full Range of Sizes
    • Low Cost Bulk Storage
    • Minumum Floor Space Requirement
    • Easy to Clean
    Quarry King

    Shown is the blending cone section of the Young Industries' Multi Port Gravity Blender. As you can see, there are several tubes that connect to the blending chamber keeping material flowing throughout the silo to minimize separation and to keep product homogenous throughout.

    Quarry King

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