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  • TransVair Pneumatic Conveying Systems

    TransVair Pneumatic Conveying is a clean, economical and reliable method of transferring pellets, powders, flakes, crystals, chips, granules and cubes from remote locations to either a fixed point, several locations or to process use points. Commonly used in transferring bulk materials from trucks, railcars or other containers into bulk storage tanks, this type of conveying is highly efficient and provides a closed environment to maintain product integrity. With pneumatic conveying, you can expect almost complete product recovery with little or no dust and contamination problems.

    Offering several types of systems, Young will engineer and design a convey line specific to your application. Some of the types to choose from are as follows:

    Positive Pressure Systems (Dilute Phase)

    Positive pressure systems are normally used for conveying product from a single entry point to one or more destinations. The positive system uses a minimum air quantity to move a given amount of product. Material can be transported over relatively long distances using the positive pressure system.

    When required, step line conveying systems can be employed to provide relatively constant conveying velocities to minimize product degradation during the conveying cycle.

    Negative Pressure Systems (Dilute Phase)

    Negative pressure pneumatic systems are well suited for conveying material from a number of inlet points such as unloading rail cars, transporting and discharging product into a single point.

    Combination Negative/Positive Pressure (Dilute Phase)

    The pull-push system incorporates the advantages and benefits of both negative and positive pressure arrangements in a single system. Systems are used where there are multiple material entry points, and multiple delivery points. Typical applications include drawing materials from several points for batching before entering process and unloading from several points such as rail cars with delivery to bulk storage.

    Closed Loop (Dilute Phase)

    Closed loop systems are used for handling hazardous chemicals, hydroscopic materials and extremely dusty products. Products such as TPA, caustic soda, and IPA require protection from atmosphere and particularly oxygen. These materials may be transported pneumatically in a closed loop system using an inert gas as the conveying medium.

    Both negative and positive pressure conveying systems are adaptable to closed loop design.

    Centrifugal Blower (Dilute Phase)

    Blower systems can be positive pressure, negative pressure, combination negative/positive pressure, or closed loop systems. They are similar to other pneumatic systems, except that the centrifugal blowers replace the positive displacement power packages.

    The design of this type of system is limited in static pressure capability, and usually to relatively short distances. In the case of a thru-the-fan pull/push centrifugal blower system, the product must be adaptable to passing through the blower.

    Continuous Dense Phase Conveying

    The Young Continuous Dense Phase conveying system operates using a special high-differential pressure rotary valve to feed product into the convey line and a special patented air valve to ensure that the conveying velocity is controlled accurately. The net result is that the product is conveyed at the minimum velocity, always safely above the point of plugging. This system is a huge leap forward for dense phase conveying, in that the transporter is significantly more compact than a standard transporter's, and much less expensive, particularly for larger systems.

    Quarry King
    Quarry King

    Pilot Facility: Ready to Test Your Product !!!

    Young is equipped with an extensive pilot facility where they can assemble a conveying system virtually identical to your application, and then test your product to determine the ideal operating parameters and best type of arrangements.

    Young has experience handling products that are fragile, abrasive, corrosive, sticky, hygroscopic, very low and very high density, combustible, toxic, or otherwise difficult to handle. Because of this experience, they are the preferred supplier to such companies as Dupont worldwide for handling products such as TiO2.

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