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  • The Young Industries' Product Pump

    Perhaps an understated piece of equipment, The Young Industries' Product Pump is an excellent tool for conveying powders short distances with little maintenance or downtime. This space efficient unit can be manufactured for food grade or pharmaceutical applications as well.

    The Multi Phase™ Product Pump is a compact unit designed to convey powders, pellets and granules 10’ to 600’. In applications where a dust tight environment is required and where traditional pneumatic conveying is not economically feasible, this might be the answer. Using plant air or nitrogen, the Product Pump can convey from 50-400 cubic feet per hour depending on the bulk density of the product and other factors such as the length of the convey run, how much air or nitrogen is available, etc. (see below for sizing information). While this equipment is great for chemicals, pigments and pellets, it is also available in a sanitary design for food grade applications such as conveying powdered milk, pharmaceutical bases, flavorings, preservatives, powdered sugar and more. Coupled with a bag dump station, these units provide air tight conveying of materials at a rate that you specify and can be manufactured for compliance within an explosion proof environment. Currently, several sizes and configurations are available further adding to the unit’s flexibility in design and installation. Young offers a horizontal pump (model PH), vertical pump (model PV) and an inclined pump (model PI). For more information on the Product Pump, please contact our office. To test the feasibility of a product pump with your product, we welcome you to Young’s full scale lab in Muncy, PA or you can rent a unit to test at your facility to see if this technology will work for you. The following show the three types of Product Pump configurations. Note their compact design—perfect in any area where space is limited or in hazardous locations where other equipment becomes impractical.

    Quarry King
    Product Pump Capacities
    Model Size Max Distance (Ft) Avg Volume (SCFM) Max Capacity (CuFt/Hr))
    PH 206-50 600 60-90 100
    PH 306-50 600 80-110 150
    PI 206-50 500 58-80 125
    PI 306-50 500 70-100 175
    PV 206-50 400 40-70 150
    PV 306-50 400 60-90 200
    PI 208-125 400 100-130 175
    PI 308-125 400 120-150 250
    PV 208-350 200 70-100 250
    PV 308-350 200 90-120 400

    Page Updated 8/9/2017