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  • Ribbon Blenders

    Young manufactures very high quality ribbon blenders to handle every application.

    Sizes range from ΒΌ cu ft up to 1500 cu ft capacity.

    Young has blended every type of product in our ribbon blenders, including products that are: sticky, corrosive, abrasive, combustible, and wet.

    Regardless of the product, and regardless of the size of unit, Young guarantees a 15 minute maximum mix time.

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    Young's blenders are designed for longevity and low maintenance. Units regularly last many decades.

    Young uses heavy duty shafts, drives and motors, knowing that the blender will have to provide several full-load starts in it's lifetime, due to unexpected power outages, or other mishaps. Because this is designed into the blender right from scratch, our blenders never suffer from broken gearboxes, or broken shafts.

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    Continuous Mixers

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    When you have a continuous mixing requirement for powders and liquids, the most efficient and most reliable mixer is a twin shaft.

    Young's twin-shaft mixers are designed for the toughest applications, for 24 hr/day use. If you are mixing a heavy or thin paste, dry materials with liquids, or abrasive products Young's twin-shaft will provide years of trouble free operation.

    With Young's twin-shaft, the residence time of the product in the mixer can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 10 minutes to provide the optimum mix and throughput.

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    Advantages of Young's twin-shaft Mixer:

    • Extremely rugged construction for heavy duty and 24 hr/day operation.
    • Extremely low maintenance relative to all other twin-shaft blenders.
    • AGMA Quality Standard Spur Gears for increased performance and longevity.
    • Can be provided in sanitary design (approved by 3A, USDA for sanitary use)
    • Mixers can be provided for high-pressure and vacuum operation.

    Products that flow too easily (very low viscosity or very high liquids content) cannot easily be handled by other twin-shaft mixers. Young's mixers can mix them to your exact requirements.

    Partial list of products handled by Young's Twin-Shaft

    • Cereal
    • Food and dyes
    • Sewage Sludge with Lime
    • De-dusting of Coal, Bauxite and Petroleum Coke
    • Adding Moisture to Metal Powders
    • Filter Dust with Water
    • Conditioning Fly Ash with Water
    • Mixing Oil and Nitrate Powder
    • Zinc Concentrate Processing
    • Mixing Clays

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