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  • Young Industries' TransVair Mechanical Conveyors (TMCs)

    The Young Industries' TMC conveyor is an excellent conveyor for dry bulk powders, granules, flakes, crystals or pellets. The TMC operates mechanically. A sprocket assembly is located at the inlet and discharge of the machine, joined together by two (2) tubes. The sprocket assembly is sealed within a rugged housing of either aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel. A rope assembly consisting of equally spaced discs travels around the sprockets and through the tubes. The velocity of the discs within the conveyor creates a moving column of air. The fan-type effect created by the moving discs fluidizes materials as they are being conveyed and then the unit throws material at the discharge end by centrifugal force.

    The TMC (Transvair Mechanical Conveyor) has many advantages over other conveying systems.

    Quarry King
    Quarry King

    Shown, left, are two examples of Young Industries' TMC or TransVair Mechanical Conveyors. The unit, far left, is a straight line TMC or Model SL. The color photo shows the Model VH or vertical horizontal unit discharging into a Young Industries' bin. For areas where space is a constraint, these conveyors may be a great alternative. See also the Young Industries' Product Pumps for small units that pack great power!

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