equipment for the process industries

representing leading equipment manufactures in new york state

We take a detailed engineering based approach to providing the right equipment and process solutions to projects involving conveying of bulk solids, batch and continuous feeding, rate control, positive displacement pumping of high solids and/or high pressure applications and more.

We represent trusted names in the process equipment industry in Upstate New York such as The Young Industries, Netzsch Pumps, and Thayer Scale. We also offer air diaphragm pulse valves, solenoid valves and repair kits for Goyen Valve and Mecair throughout the USA.

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Young Stinger Screw Feeder


custom process solutions

can’t find equipment to meet your needs, try us

For over 30 years we have worked closely with companies small and large to design and build highly specialized equipment to meet their specific needs.  Sometimes the base equipment is from one of the manufacturer’s that we represent and we integrate it with other equipment.  At other times it might be a custom 3D designed solution or modification of an existing process.  Feel free to contact us with the process problem that is challenging you.  If we can’t help you we can often point you in the right direction.

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