pii proudly represents or distributes the following equipment lines

Young Industries Logo

bulk solids handling & conveying

the young industries, inc.

Pneumatic conveying, Stinger Conveyors/Feeders, Fluidizing Equipment & more

Netzsch Logo

pumps – Positive Displacement experts progressive cavity, rotary lobe, pARISTALTIC/Hose & screw

netzsch pumps

Distributor for Industrial & Food Customers in Upstate NY

Thayer Logo

liw feeders, belt feeders, belt scales

thayer scale

Batch & Continuous Bulk Solids Feeding & Rate Control

goyen-mecair logo

air diaphragm valves, solenoid valves

Goyen valve & mecair

Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Valves, Solenoids & Timer Controls